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Sacoel is a company that has been integrating technological, supply and logistics solutions in the area of electronic components for more than 30 years, with its headquarters and warehouse in Barcelona, and offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Málaga.

Its offices, recently remodelled by Adeyaka, combine two different work areas – on the one hand there is a shared area dedicated to sales and customer service, equipped with several Adapta Plus "bench" sets, Qbuc pedestals and Slim acoustic panels; and on the other, a space for greater privacy and collaborative technical work, equipped with Adapta 2 Plus desks and 60/40 cabinets in offices and meeting rooms, and a couple of compositions with Adapta Plus together with a soft seating area to relax and think.

Standing out is the space that delimits both areas, furnished with a double Joy-in solution, destined, on the one hand, to the office kitchenette for refreshment breaks and, on the other, to a "fast meeting" area that incorporates a high table and stools.

The office exudes great expertise, and despite accommodating an abundant team of technicians, it does not give the impression of housing so many people. A job well done by Adeyaka to make the ambience of this space generate these sensations.


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