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Installed products:

  • TCare” height-adjustable tables
  • Qbuc” metal drawer chest
  • S-One” acoustic panels
  • Cuadrat” auxiliary tables

Hempel, Danish multinational dedicated to the development of paints and coatings, inaugurated the R&D centre of excellence targeted at the passive fire protection field. The centre of excellence includes a 3,000m2 laboratory, testing areas and offices.
The facility, located in Santa Perpètua, Barcelona, has been equipped by Expert-Line following the Danish company's criteria and corporate philosophy.

Work philosophy:
To offer the maximum wellness (healthy balance and general well-being) to workers, thanks to the installation of our TCare and S-One Panels office furniture.

The TCare height-adjustable table is a new tool that increases well-being in the workplace and provides not only maximum performance in the workplace, but also facilitates the incorporation of a routine that improves personal performance combined with healthy work habits:

  • Need to move; change your work posture
  • Need to change; combine your work standing or sitting.
  • Need a break; take short breaks.
  • Need height; configure your worktable.
  • Need health; incorporate small physical exercises.

The TCare worktables have been equipped with S-One acoustic panels that favour workspace with pleasant acoustics. In addition, S-One panels can be customized with the company's corporate colours

The installation of furniture in Hempel is complemented with the addition of Cuadrat auxiliary tables for the lunch/dining room area and Qbuc office drawer units that help distribute and organize all personal items that come along with.

Hempel is an inspiring example of a company, which has opted to install furniture in its work centres focusing on benefitting workers, to improve their performance and well-being; a good practice that should encourage all those companies that depend on the human factor.


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